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team_jake's Journal

Team Jake
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Thanks for joining team_jake, your daily source for hi-res Jake Gyllenhaal images. You will see a daily assortment of pictures from various photoshoots, magazine scans, candids, .....just about anything with Jake Gyllenhaal in them.

The images will be posted evey morning (after 12 AM) by the mods, so that you can have a daily Jake treat to start your day off just right.

the rules

+ All of our pictures tend to be High Resolution. They will always have a smaller picture and a LJ cut to a bigger one. We know that many of our members have us as friends, and we want to stay friends with them.

+ Comments are not required but greatly appreciated. Remember: We all love Jake, so why not share the love with the other members? There will be many pictures and I bet you might not have seen them all. If you like something let us know. Comments let us know what kind of pictures you like.

+ None of our images will be tagged or watermarked. It ruins the picture. However we will give credit where credit is needed.

+ From time to time we will also post other Jake-related things that are not pictures. They will be surprises- but you will surely love them.

contact us

Your maintainer is Amad (buntastic). Any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas can be emailed to usjakesteam[at]gmail[dot]com.

Your mods are:

We are currently not looking for any more mods. A post will be made in the community if/when we need more.

be a part of our team

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