Keshia Lee (rooibos) wrote in team_jake,
Keshia Lee

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It's just so evil that he's that beautiful.

*psst* he's really daydreaming about me :)
'Heath chose THAT over me?'

Mmmmmm, I've never seen anything so beautiful.

I love a man in corduroy. >_>
His hair? Wowow. So pretty.
that's the picture on my duct tape wallet
i love it
His neck and collar bone are just *begging* to be licked/bitten/kissed, and all manner of naughty acts, . . .
must go control myself
*prints picture for later use...*
Mmmhmmm.. First picture I ever saw of him and I immediately fell in love. Can you blame me? I don't think so. *takes picture to her room*
i totally love hairy men :D:D(drools over the place)